Our piano tuning service session usually takes from 60 - 90 minutes to complete and appointments are made on weekdays Tuesday through Friday and on Saturday.

First appointment of the day is usually around 11 am if the piano is located in SF or 11.30 if it is in the nearby cities within 30 miles range.

Along with piano tuning, our service includes cleaning of the key tops and making sure that your pedals are functioning properly.

Service cost is a flat fee of $200 for the first 90 minutes for pianos located in San Francisco. If your piano is not in San Francisco, pricing is slightly higher depending on the distance travelled. Please call to get a price estimate on your tuning. Prices are subject to change and smetimes change is not posted on the website.

If additional services are needed such as repairs or cleaning of the soundboard, each additonal 15 minutes over the first 90 minutes is billed additional $30.

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